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Why Condos?

Usually located in highly-centralized locations, condos are perfect for people living and working in an urban, fast-paced environment.

Sprawling markets and state parks are within minutes of high-rise living, with local festivals, shopping centers, a ballpark, and more connected by a vast bus and light-rail system. With minimal structural or utility upkeep and pet-friendly laws, these affordable and diverse homes bring the city closer together.

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Luxury Features in Pittsburgh Condos 

The West Penn Multi-list does not have a search criteria specifically for condos, which can make it difficult to buyers to find them on the public web sites. With this in mind, if you are searching for a condo, look for these common features:

  • Valet and Garage Parking
  • High ceilings (9' to 18')
  • Open floor plans
  • Walk-in Closets in primary bedrooms
  • Assigned Private Parking
  • Balcony and/or Terraces for Residences
  • 360 Degree Views of Downtown Pittsburgh