Get to Know Us

We’re native Pittsburghers. Born and raised here. Graduates of Langley High School. We love the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania. The rivers and the bridges. We’ve got roots in the coal mines of Washington County and the factories in Pittsburgh.

Our Experience

The business of buying and selling real estate becomes more and more complicated every day. We frequently meet people who have a sad real estate story to tell where they: lost time, lost money, lost sleep, had a nervous breakdown, threw a fit, kicked the dog – you get the idea – because they represented themselves or hired the wrong professionals to help.

You can rely on our experience and our hand selected support team to provide everything you need for a successful real estate transaction. We will help you avoid or minimize any complications that may arise. We’ve got over 35 years of combined real estate and home construction experience. We’re the experts, so you don’t have to be. You’re busy – your time is valuable. We'll handle the details.

Our Philosophy

Growing up in Pittsburgh, we learned early on that how much money you earned had a direct relationship to how hard you worked and how much service you were willing to provide.

Our philosophy of business doesn’t require a fancy mission statement. It’s pretty basic. We want to provide our clients with the highest & best possible service. Other people say it. We mean it. We get a lot of satisfaction from helping our clients save money and time while avoiding problems.

Our Promise

We help you buy or sell property in Pittsburgh keeping your best interests in mind; we save you money, time and grief. When you hear of someone wanting to buy or sell property, you refer us. It’s simple and meaningful and most of the time, we make new friends in the process.

20+ years of real estate experience, numerous designations & hundreds of home sales combined with 35+ years of home construction experience....we've got you covered. No other real estate team offers our passion, commitment, and experience.

What Are You Waiting For?

Here’s our bottom line: if you receive good service during your real estate transaction – you’re more likely to refer us to your friends and neighbors. If you don’t – you’ll forget you ever knew us. We want you to remember. We want your future business.

Photo of Gayle & Michael Blonar

Gayle & Michael Blonar REALTORS®