Many Sellers Make These 10 Mistakes. Don't Be One of Them.

Home selling in Pittsburgh is no doubt an exciting process, but you shouldn't go into it without some serious preparation. From timing your sale when the market is hot to pricing correctly to a market analysis and everything in between, there's a lot to keep in check. Here are the top ten mistakes you might make as a seller that could have your home sale headed nowhere fast:

1. Adding Your home to a Community Waiting List or
Choosing the Wrong Realtor

First things first, don't go it alone when it comes to selling your property. Be sure to choose the right agent. Homeowners unknowingly keep their home value lower when they decide to only contact potential buyers from a community waiting list. Don't settle with working with the tiny buyers pool provided by a community waiting list. You'll  make the most profit when our home is strategically  marketed, by experienced agents, to all of the buyers currently looking for homes. Gayle Blonar has a proven record. Check out a few of our testimonials from previous and current clients. The wrong agent can make the process stressful and cost you thousands of dollars. Gayle Blonar can sell your home quickly, with little worry, and for more money, too.

2. Losing $$ Not Selling With a Trusted Guide.

We've all heard it before: fools rush in. When it comes to selling your home, this couldn't be more true. The worst decisions are usually made when people are in a hurry to reach a goal and listening to well-meaning neighbors or family members. Thinking that you will save the commission and put more money in your pocket is a common mistake. Let Gayle Blonar show you how we can save you time and get you more money for your home, even after paying commission. And don't forget, real estate commissions are negotiable.

3. Spending Money on Improvements That Don’t Increase The Value

We know which improvements make the sale and have the resources to get your home Top Dollar ready!
Your property could be the most luxurious in the area, but if the outside of it looks like a cardboard box, then buyers won't give it a second thought. The curb appeal of your home needs to be clean and well-kept, inviting the buyer in to eventually discover all the greatness that awaits inside.

We know which improvements will add value to your home and which ones won't. Homeowners often spend their money on improvements that have little value to home buyers. And...there are repair items that repeatedly shoe up on on inspections and appraisal reports. We'll help make sure you are spending your money where it will do the most good. We know which improvements impress buyers and increase your home's value.

4. Overpricing The Property

One of the best things a home seller can do is research the market they're in to determine comparable home values. If the other homes that are similar in size and amenity to yours are selling for thousands less, why would a buyer consider yours? The answer? They probably won't. Even if you have an improvement or two that the others are lacking, by scaring off the buyer with a price they can't justify, they'll never meet you to find out. We know how to price your home just right to get you Top Dollar!

Even in the hottest of hot real estate markets, one thing is clear – buyers will reject overpriced homes. We will provide you with a complete market study. We’ll look at current inventory, recent sales, days on market and a wide range of other factors to help you price your home accurately. And we will share our successful marketing strategies to expose your home to the most buyers. Our goal is to help you walk away from the closing table with the most money in your pocket.

5. Limiting Buyer Access To Your Home

There's no reason not to open your doors to your home buyers. No smart buyer purchases a car without test driving it first, so don't expect buyers to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home without stepping foot inside. Remember that although this is currently still your home, the goal is for it to become their home. They deserve the right to inspect it and see if it fits them well.

Very few buyers are willing to buy a home sight unseen. Limiting a buyer’s ability to view your home, in person, is one of the worst mistakes a seller can make. One of the best scenarios for a seller is to have more than one buyer interested in your home as bidding wars typically result in the highest seller profits . You want to allow as many showings as possible. If there is a personal situation that may require showing restrictions, we will work through that with you and help in any way that we can.

6. Not Staging the Home Correctly (or at all)

You want buyers to appreciate your home as much as you do. We do, too – but we also want them to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. When we see buyers talking about how they will place their furniture, we see buyers who are falling in love with a home. Sometimes a little simple staging is all you need. In our experience, a lot of staging is decluttering – removing personal items, boxing up collectibles and knick-knacks, cleaning out closets and pantries. The goal is to make the rooms look bigger and neutral. We don’t want buyers reading all of your degrees, looking at all of the family photos and admiring your crystal collection – we want them looking at your house.  

7. Not Keeping Up With The House and Yard Work

You’ve heard the phrase “shows like a model”. That’s what every buyer wants. Maybe not realistic for every homeowner’s busy life-style, but when you sell your home – your profits will increase incrementally if your house is clean and your yard is looking good. We have advice, suggestions and even cleaning and lawn services that can help, if needed.  

8. False or Incomplete Info On Disclosures

Be truthful at all times with the buyer and their agent. Always maintain integrity. Never mislead or provide false information to sell a home. Keep your seller disclosures accurate and up-to-date. An experienced buyers' agent will eventually find out the truth about the home. Pennsylvania law requires complete disclosures. Not doing so could open you up to serious litigation down the road, so the best option is to be honest.

9. Not Stepping Into the Buyers' Shoes

Remember, again, that although this is your home now, it will be on the market to become someone else's. You'll need to take off your homeowner's cap and put on your buyer's hat. When you were looking to buy this home, how did you see it? What impressed you, and what needed work? The next buyer will most likely be thinking about the same things. You may already know the home is great, but they'll need some convincing. So let us know what you loved most about your home. We’ll use your favorites in our marketing strategy.  

10. Assume Buyers Aren't as Pet-Friendly as You

Animals are great companions, but they aren't for everyone. Whether it's allergies, personal preference, or something else, the presence of a pet in a home can negatively impact a buyer's impression, so don't risk it. Take your pets to a friend or family member's house or out for a walk while showings are happening. Be sure to thoroughly vacuum up any hair, keep toys and litter boxes out sight, and make your home as people-friendly as possible. 

Having the Right Team Goes A Long Way

Avoiding these 10 home selling errors will put you in a great position to sell your home much faster, and you'll also be able to justify a higher asking price. At Gayle Blonar, we have the resources to help you sell your home with little stress to you. When you're thinking about selling your property, give us a call and we’ll come out to your home for a preliminary walk through. We’ll help you decide what improvements and repairs will help your sale and which won’t; we’ll make staging suggestions; and we’ll answer any questions you may have about the selling process. 724-344-4795 or!

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