Add Value to Your Home with Low-Cost Home Improvements

Pittsburgh home buyers are smart. When searching online for properties, they can easily spot a home or condo that's not worth the price tag attached to it. Want to get more money for your home? Here's how you can make your home look more valuable... without making big changes.

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First Impressions Affect the Price

The first thing buyers see isn’t your staged living room or upgraded kitchen; it's the price. If buyers think the price is fair, they'll go inside for a better look. If not, they'll skip over your home.

There are plenty of ways to add value to your home. But you don't want to waste your time and money on major home improvements that won’t pay off. Instead, focus on these small, often overlooked upgrades. Because even the littlest fixes can make a big difference in your home's value.

Small Ways to Make BIG Changes to Your Home

Declutter your rooms & closets

Don't let your home's best features or open spaces get lost in the clutter! Take time to clear out some closet, counter, and shelf space. Donate, discard, or store any furniture or household items that are not absolutely necessary. Decluttering your home is the best way to add value, maximize space, and make a great first impression.

Paint walls a neutral color

A fresh coat of paint can make even an old home look new! When picking colors, just be sure to stay neutral. Beige, grey, and other neutral colors appeal to all tastes, which means potential buyers can easily picture themselves living in your home. Lighter tones also create the illusion of more space.

Replace doorknobs and other hardware

Is the front doorknob worn or tarnished? Are your light fixtures outdated? Replace them. Even though it’s just a cosmetic fix, changing the hardware can make a world of difference in a buyer's eyes.

Price Your Home Right from the Start

Make a great first impression with the right price. Want to sell quickly and for the most money possible? We can help. Contact us, and we can determine the market value of your home or condo—and make any recommendations on cost-effective home improvements.

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